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You purchased your hot tub to relax with family and friends in clean, clear water. You want to lift the cover, turn on the jets and enjoy the just-right temperature. Owning a hot tub provides endless hours of entertainment, fun and relaxation, but the upkeep and maintenance can be a hassle. When the spa doesn’t work properly, you want it fixed right away. We understand and can help.

Oasis Hot Tub has the service professionals you can trust to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment:

  • We provide Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Water Care Services

  • We instruct on how to properly use and maintain your hot tub at your site.

  • We repair all hot tub makes and models.

  • We sell covers, chemicals and accessories that we deliver right to your door.

Contact Oasis Hot Tub by phone or email for a thorough assessment of your repair and maintenance needs.

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